Elie G. Moarbes, 53 years old, is CEO of Hopital Dr. Georges Moarbes and Medical Tourism Network in Beirut, Lebanon.

Elie joined Hopital Dr. Georges Moarbes in 1992 as the General Manager of the hospital, where he introduced new professional services in the healthcare industry to acquire the accreditation for the hospital according to international standards.

Prior to be named CEO of the hospital in May 2015, Elie was CEO of an aviation company “MASH Executive” in 2003 incorporated in Beirut, Lebanon.

Elie is a CEO and co-founder of an NGO “C.A.R.D” (Care and Relief Digits), a benevolent nonprofit association for social development.

Elie is a visionary in healthcare matter related, he founded “Medical Tourism Network” a company based in Lebanon in the heart of the MENA region, in a state of the art country regarding healthcare and tourism.

My main Mission is creating strategic partnership with different entities in the field of medical tourism between Lebanon, MENA region and Europe.

Elie oversees the implementation of certifications to different entities as hospitals, clinics, travel agents and hotels to reach the perfect services in the healthcare industry, thus serving patients with better treatments in a healthy and accredited environment.