Advantages for one year

 Brand Recognition and Exposure

− Logo with link on the Health Tourism Summit 2020 website

− Possibility to publish articles in Health Tourism Summit 2020 insight magazine

− Access to information on HTS activities and the partner associations

Promotional and PR opportunities during the HTS event in Lebanon

− Logo on the cover of the meeting program

− Logo on screen during the meeting

– Logo on HTS banners

– Logo on media in Lebanon (details such as circuit used and  campaign length tbc)

– Right to have two (2) speakers at the meeting

– Opportunity to organize a workshop related to HTS.

– Right to distribute information during meeting (in the conference room)

− Opportunity to distribute promotional gifts

− Booth/information desk in the sponsor area

− Private meeting space

− Access to B2B Platform

− 20 invitations to the meeting and welcoming dinner

− Benefit from networking opportunities with  international members and partners

− Acknowledgements during the welcome speech, press conference, separate press release.

Media Coverage

– Ad hoc press release announcing the sponsorship agreement to Arabic and English Media

– General press release announcing the event

– One speaker at the press conference on the date of the event

– Interview opportunities
– Distribution of the Press Release at International level
– Distribution of the Press Release through HTS channels